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MeeBlip geode synthesizer

€139,95 €169,95

MeeBlip geode synthesizer
MeeBlip geode synthesizer MeeBlip geode synthesizer MeeBlip geode synthesizer MeeBlip geode synthesizer MeeBlip geode synthesizer

€139,95 €169,95

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MeeBlip geode is back in production - orders are shipping in 4-6 weeks; reserve yours now.

geode is a mono synth with a single goal: to let you dial in edgy, cutting, grimy sounds you won’t mistake for anything else.

One control per function really means one control per function: no shift, no nonsense, no presets - just reach out and turn knobs. And geode brings back all of the greatest hits of the award-winning MeeBlip line in a single instrument, for the first time. Sequence or play however you like, with DIN and USB MIDI. geode is all about getting straight to the sound - every switch, every knob.

Our friend Hainbach took geode for a sonic test drive with amazing results:

  • Shape your sound with envelope (attack, decay, sustain) and glide
  • Choose from a range of independent, digitally generated waveforms on two oscillators: PWM, pulse, sawtooth, and triangle (osc A) or noise (osc B).
  • Mix A + B oscillators, or choose one or the other (so you can focus on noise for percussion or single-oscillator acid)
  • Sub octave and detune
  • The unique analog MeeBlip filter, based on a 70s guitar distortion circuit
  • Modulation routable to filter and pitch, for subtle effects or cranked for chaotic warbles and FM-style sounds
  • Complete MIDI implementation: use with USB, with iOS (via Apple adapter, not included), or standard MIDI / standalone
  • Dual mono mini-jack output for easy monitoring with headphones or connection to other gear
  • MIDI DIN input for connecting MIDI hardware
  • USB for MIDI input, connecting to a computer
  • Driver-free operation on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS* and Android
  • USB powered - by a computer/mobile device or USB phone adapter (not included) for computerless operation
  • 1m USB cable included 

Building on three generations of award-winning MeeBlips, we think we’ve got the best of our synths yet. We’ve kept the design small, friendly, and mobile, but brought back more hands on control. And we’ve added an all-new case and deluxe knobs that feel amazing.

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We ship to Europe from Berlin, Germany via DHL.

* iOS support requires an optional Apple adapter from Lightning to USB

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